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Hipster Fashion: Women’s Swimsuits

contributed by Leroy James Hipster fashion isn’t just limited to dudes in beards with plaid and boat shoes, it also has something for the ladies. Now that we’re in the dog days of summer in Texas, hipster ladies are finally shedding their librarian dresses and lamé leggings for one pieces and lamé...

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Hipster Fashion: Sunglasses

contributed by Leroy James Texas is probably closer to hell than anywhere else on the planet, so it’s just that much more important for people here to invest in some good, stylish sunglasses. Hipsters like myself though, have to maintain their style cred while riding their fixie and rooting for Team Edward or Jacob. Treat yourself to any one of these styles, from the classic wayfarers to aviators, this summer while you catch up with other Twilighters from...

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Hipster Fashion: Slip-Ons

contributed by Leroy James Here at What The Flux, we spend a lot of our time in the summer lounging around in Diesel cutoffs and mesh American Apparel tank tops. Since it’s too hot to wear boat shoes or saddle shoes in Texas tho, we’ve decided to settle on some pretty dope slip-ons. From nice UK brands like Billies or trusted skater brands like Vans, you can find any type of slip-on to fit your budget and...

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