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25 Modern Conceptual Movie Posters

Modern Hollywood graphic designers are lazy — and that’s a fact. I’ve heard it straight from the mouth of a Disney executive, who stated that he’s actually tried to get fired a few times for creating terrible movie posters full of floating heads and cheesiness. While the rest of the world doesn’t seem to mind, things like the stereotypical or obvious solution make us designers cringe and want to cry ourselves to sleep at night. However, there is a ray of hope for these modern examples of recent movie posters that have chosen to gone in the conceptual route. The result: a movie poster you’d be proud to frame. Star Wars Episode 1 28 Days Later American Psycho Beauty and the Beast Bug Burn After Reading Crank Crash The Crazies The Dark Knight District 9 Duets Identity Kill Bill Vol. 2 King Arthur The Machinist Matrix Revolutions Munich Pearl Harbor Poseidon Rocky II Taxi to the Dark Side The Ugly Truth Up In the Air X Files: I Want To...

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7 Awesome Animated Credits

Let’s face it, most movie credits are boring. As soon as that never-ending list rolls, we fast forward, walk out of the theater, or simply turn off the TV. It’s an inevitable choice that we make, and the film industry is finally taking notice. “Entertain us!” we exclaimed, and they listened. Here are a few choice examples of the awesomeness that are modern movie and television title/credit sequences for your enjoyment. Catch Me if You Can by Nexus Productions Chuck by ImaginaryForces Euro Trip by Six Point Harness The Incredibles by Pixar Animation Studios http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vawsUk-9veQ Pink Panther by Bob Kurtz Stranger Than Fiction by MK12 Thank You for Smoking by Shadowplay...

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13 [Lucky] Creative Creatures Logos

Creatures, monsters, robots, we all love them. When it comes to logos, it’s a few and far between client that will request a cthulhu or 50’s-style robot. For design study’s sake, you could make up your own company, and if you’re fortunate enough, you’ll actually get a client who is quirky enough to want a brand that features the Amish-vampire-cockroach you’ve been dreaming about. From cephalopods to zombies, we present to you a “best of” collection gathered from Logopond’s archives: [unlucky number] 13 creative creatures logos. Lightswitch Innfusor Octonaut Silver Squid Unimedia Octopress Pixel Demon The Little Big Company Zombie Mixer Octop Visio Killer Quotes Big Eat Chart...

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