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April Fool’s Day 2014 – University Edition

Businesses have been expected to fill the internet with ridiculous ideas on April Fool’s Day, but what was unexpected this year was for Universities to come into play. University students? Yes, that’s expected. But University Administration? Pleasantly surprised.

University of Rochester

Head over to their page to see their campus and majors transformed into Legos. New majors like “Music Chemist” and “Quiddich” have also been added.

Wayne State

Google Plus is not the only one celebrity photobombing today. Find Kevin Bacon hiding in their main page.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

MST’s page was taken over by Doge

Oakland University

OU is offering a new major: Post-Apocalyptic Survival Studies.


Colgate University

Colgate has finally offered a program that fits! The Colgate School of Dentistry

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