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10 Solid Examples of Kinetic Typography

We’ve all seem them: words flying across the screen, stacked type, motion blurs, and alternating depth of field. But what really defines good Kinetic Typography? It takes more than just timing the text, size and font. It’s all about how you can creatively display that emotion within the sampled audio. There are a lot of examples out there, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad to the stunning. Here are some of the best non-commercial studies for your viewing pleasure.

Who’s on First

Duck and Cover

Pulp Fiction: Say What Again, I Dare You


Ocean’s Eleven

Wedding Crashers: Perfect Girl

Blink182: Josie

Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

James Brown: Superbad

Lowell Fulson: Tramp

Portal: Still Alive

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