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Creative Cardboard

Going Green is the super-trendy thing to do for big companies these days, recently highlighted by Puma’s 3-year development for their sustainable packaging shoe box. Materials for recycling are also a hot button issue this year, and cardboard seems like the perfect solution for several companies and designers, as demonstrated by the box that can shape into anything. But not everything that ends up looking awesome needs to have that gross amount of research and production time.

Aldo, French-Canadian shoe company, took a much simpler approach to redesigning their shoe box without spending a large sum on reproduction and development. It’s easy, adjust the die-cut of the box, the cotton string is installed by employees at the store, and voila! — your shoe box becomes your bag.

David Graas
makes a whole line of products available for purchase that are made entirely out of cardboard. The idea of “flat packaging” may have been trademarked by Ikea, but this Dutch designer took that idea to another level. His line of corrugated cardboard furniture is trendy and sleek, as are his prism lamps with die-cut negative space to create a pattern from casting light.

Home items such as hangers are a one-of-a-kind flat design that you can fold on your own, although it’s not your average origami feat.

Once you’ve got your shirt hung up, go ahead and change into gardening clothes. Planting your own organic garden is a breeze with this mat designed by Chris Chapman. All you do is till your soil, then roll out the nutrient enriched corrugated cardboard with seeds already implanted. Don’t forget to water!

Tired after your day in the sun, what better way to cool yourself off from a hard day’s labor in the yard than with beer in a box by Thomas Hussey? The concept is quite genius actually, since the pressure from the bag inside the box design keeps the beer’s CO2 from going flat. It also holds more beer than a similar sized pitcher (w00t!).

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  • http://paper-nautilus.com/ Chelsea

    Haha, these are really cool! On a related note, I found out recently that Celestial Seasonings tea boxes (with the little waxed paper sort of bags inside them) can be used as planters for seedlings. Yay cardboard. ;)

    • Amanda

      That’s really neat about the Celestial Seasonings boxes! Now I can have my tea and…eat it too..? ;)

      There’s a lot of stuff out there that can be re-purposed in ways we don’t normally think of. To quote Discovery Channel, the world is just awesome.