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dA Spotlight: Fantasy Origami

Origami, the Japanese traditional art of paper folding, has been around for centuries. Since the ’90’s, the modernized version has exponentially taken off in popularity, and designs have been getting more complicated and intricate since then. This week’s dA Spotlight puts this highly creative — yet constructively restrictive — art form into focus, showcasing fantasy themed origami pieces from the nerdy to the extreme.

Origami Yoda by shellentina

Assassin origami version by NocturnaDraco

origami chocobo by alejandro-delafuente

Origami Cerberus by Lexar-

Kuroi Dragon – Origami by RyuuCid

Origami Hydralisk by Richi89

Origami Dinosaurs by origami-artist-galen

Origami devil by Fabio-the-Artist

My Pet Dragon by Richi89

Gryphon by guspath

DeviantART is a place for artists of all kinds and contains a vast fortune of hidden gems around every turn. Each week we are choosing 10 pieces to share with you for inspiration, appreciation, and admiration. In return, please support the artists by visiting their respective sites. All art thieves will be hunted down by our ninjas.

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  • Rod

    This is really awesome! The detail of these is amazing.

  • http://marypuntodevista.blogspot.com/ Mar

    Genial! muy creativo.