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dA Spotlight: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The movie comic lovers have been waiting for, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is opening up in theaters this Friday, and let’s face it, it looks epically awesomesauce. To celebrate the premier — something we’ve been looking forward to since the trailers hit the interwebs — we’ve collected some equally awesome fanart for the comic series from deviantART.

by ~cool-slayer

by ~JjAR01

by *speedking

by ~Fredhild

by ~dryponder

by ~DjBisparulz

by ~literacysuks1

by ~Ernesto-Alonso (lines by radiomaru)

by *imakoi

by *021

DeviantART is a place for artists of all kinds and contains a vast fortune of hidden gems around every turn. Each week we are choosing 10 pieces to share with you for inspiration, appreciation, and admiration. In return, please support the artists by visiting their respective sites. All art thieves will be hunted down by our ninjas.

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  • http://www.garotasnerds.com Alessandra

    Awesome jobs!
    They are fantastic!

    Extra kudos for Fred Hild and DjBisparulz.