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dA Tuesday: Custom Munnys

The Munny is the brainchild of designer Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kidrobot — a global toy company that emphasizes the melding of pop art, creativity, and mass culture. While Kidrobot offers several variations of these vinyl collectibles, stylized by different designers, they also offer blank models that come in all shapes and sizes for your own artistic creation. Here we’re featuring 10 awesomely executed, custom designed Munnys from DeviantART.

Yakuza by Cacodaemonia

Master Chief by Cacodaemonia

Red Oni by BitingBlood

TMNT by Daeo

Gargoyle by daveizoid

Psycho by idnod

Davy Jones by MallorySmallory

Joker by savagelucy42

Octopus by miss-shelby

Kratos by VirtualGirl6654

DeviantART is a place for artists of all kinds and contains a vast fortune of hidden gems around every turn. Each week we are choosing 10 pieces to share with you for inspiration, appreciation, and admiration. In return, please support the artists by visiting their respective sites. All art thieves will be hunted down by our ninjas.

Want to be considered? or want us to consider someone? Send us a note on our DeviantART page:


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  • Jsonik

    Dunny’s are super cool – the ones selected here are top notch! I happen to make custom vinyl toys using Mighty Muggs! I’m on Deviantart too – http://red-6.deviantart.com/

  • http://paper-nautilus.com/ Chelsea

    Thanks so much for the feature!! I’ve really been enjoying WhatTheFlux, so I’m glad you guys like my stuff. :)

  • Donna

    My Favorite: Yakuza by Cacodaemonia