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dA Tuesday: Stylized Characters

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what about people who don’t imitate and instead make their own style? Carving your own stylistic features into illustrated characters can be the most difficult road an artist can drive down. To create a distinctive style, an artist has to first understand all the basics of anatomy, perspective, composition and more. Only then can they twist, exaggerate, and truncate that information they’ve acquired to come up with their own design. Here are 10 great examples of highly stylized characters from artists on DeviantART.

“Don’t stop now” by alexds1

Miruneta by andrahilde

TLTEAOTJ by bigbigtruck

Headpool by chris-foreman

April Fuel by Granitoons

Let’s Go Fishing by LuigiL

Cavelier by karinkanzuki

…hello? by kinkei

Cat Hugs by RadSavij

Lunacy is Everything I Need by vert-is-ninja

DeviantART is a place for artists of all kinds and contains a vast fortune of hidden gems around every turn. Each week we are choosing 10 pieces to share with you for inspiration, appreciation, and admiration. In return, please support the artists by visiting their respective sites. All art thieves will be hunted down by our ninjas.

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  • http://www.granitoons.deviantart.com Granitoons

    Thanks very much for including my goofy gal April and her fuel in this feature! Much obliged.

    • Amanda

      You’re welcome :)

  • Darian

    It’s great to see TJ and Hanna on the list!

    • Staz

      I know, right? I squee’d a little bit. XD

  • wakey

    ‘Headpool’ is fanart of the character Deadpool from the Marvel Zombies universe. Might want to take it off this list.

    • Amanda

      Yes, I’m aware the “Headpool” piece is fanart. This post is about stylizing characters, whether they are original or fan made.

  • http://www.rocky-o.com Rocky

    :] WOW, it’s so amazing… ’cause I love a lot of these artists!!! It’s super amazing that I got chosen to be featured between them.. Thanks so much!!!!

    • Amanda

      It was our pleasure, glad you enjoyed it!

  • http://alexyoshida.deviantart.com AlexYoshida

    UUUUUGH, I looove TJ~ X3