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dA Tuesday: Vector Portraits

DeviantART is a place for artists of all kinds and contains a vast fortune of hidden gems around every turn. Each week we’re choosing 10 pieces to share with you for inspiration, appreciation, and admiration.

Today we’re looking at vector portraits. From the simple to the complex, these samples display technique, style and creative conception. Vector designs are unique in that they can be resized to any resolution, based on a mathematical algorithm. Because of this, vector illustrations are an entirely different technique than digital painting, sometimes requiring a painstaking amount of time and countless tedious adjustments. However, the results are worth it, and when done properly, outstanding.

“Getting into games” by dnobody

“Wow…robot dolphins” by baker2D

“Amphritite” by Rockfield

“Kabuki Princess” by TraceLandVectorie03

“This Side Up” by Mamba26

“Control” by cryssy

“Starry Night” by turp

“This Lolita Pulls Stunts” by ChewedKandi

“Self Portrait” by jharmon

“Zombie” by SoftSpirit118

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