1.21 Gigawatts of Awesome

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Fanart

To gear up for the Houston Symphony concert featuring music from Star Wars (and an excuse to have more geekiness for today), we’ve collected a series of fan made posters that are all about the Force — whether its the light side or the dark side. To make things more interesting than just your average guy with a light saber, these featured artists’ work are stylized in solids, minimalism, or with a retro theme. Let’s start things off with this incredible piece of Boba Fett paying homage to The Rocketeer:

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  • http://www.fajasshapewear3.co.cc shapewear

    these are awsome fan art. No really, these really are very beautiful for fan arts, for most fan arts that I see are just scribbles of whatever are in their mind. But these are just brilliant.

  • Terry McLafferty

    Some of these are attractive; some, like the second one with the trooper head coming out of the Rising Sun, is What? Most seem designed only for other designers or designer want to bes. These posters are supposed to draw in customers and fans. Some of these ( guy standing with nearly all black poster; poster that is all eye holes in a mask ) are too cute for words.

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  • Emil B

    You forgot these awesome posters by Olly Moss:


    Otherwise awesome posters:)

  • http://www.twincities-webdesign.com John Hallquist

    That is so tight. Where can I buy copies for like posters of these things?? It would be sweet to dec out my room with some of this.

  • http://desertseadesign.com Lyle Dillie

    Star Wars Fan Art – I created back in 2007 for convention. http://www.leprecon.org/lep33/

  • Brian

    Oh man I would love to buy some of these for my apartment. I especially like the stormtrooper eyes and the deco travel posters.

  • Krawl

    Do you have any prints available to purchase? I love your Boba.

    • Amanda

      If you click on the image, the link will take you to the artist’s page – the Boba Fett is so awesome! And this artist does have that poster available for print.

  • Mattie

    Are these available for Print? I would love some of them for my apartment!!

    • Amanda

      If you click on the image, the link will take you to the artist’s page. Some of them are for print, so you may be able to hang them up! :-)

  • http://milano.xbakeka.com/incontri-adulti/donna-cerca-uomo/milano-1 Donna Cerca Uomo Milano

    great posters, love them

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    ended great posters

  • https://soundcloud.com/thearcanecall/tracks Thoth

    Yeah. 🤔