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Football As Art

Overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the football game stats? Removing the excitement of the World Cup is one thing, but parsing the statistics into something meaningful and creative is quite the feat. Umbro, a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. and the makers of team England’s jerseys, enlisted epic graphic designer Michael Deal and data experts Opta to create this impressive infograph that analyzes the action from the 48 group games.

Looking at time line of successful passes (green lines), alongside shots (blue triangles,) and goals (red circles) will paint a picture in your mind of how each match progressed. The combination of these symbols and placement transforms data and statistics into a visual musical score.

This is just a snapshot at the half-way point of the tournament, and we’ll have the full picture once the champions have been crowned. Michael also analysed the data around England’s qualification for South Africa for us, which you can see here.

– quoted from Umbro’s blog

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Note: Check these guys out, they offer Twitter accounts in different languages that refer to people from those countries!

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