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Houston Locals: Montrose Hipsters

Houston Locals

A lot of people forget that Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation, housing 2,240,974 people as of this year. As Houstonians, we’re well aware of how diverse and culturally rich our city is — not the stereotypical white stetson wearing, South Fork Ranch-owning, barbecue cooking folks that the rest of the country thinks we are (we’re looking at you, Dallas). To make things even more interesting, there are no zoning laws in our city, which makes for a wide variety of neighborhoods and occupants.

Celebrating the uniqueness of our wonderful Houstonians, the AIGA Houston Blog has a new series being released every few weeks — an information graph visualizing Houstonians by their location, and (highly likely) personality. The first in this series highlights our beloved Montrose Hipsters.

Montrose Hipsters

I have lived in Houston for almost a year now and find it fascinating, and helpful, to generally classify all of these locations. About every two weeks I will be posting  a set of illustrations that focus on a well known Houston area and compile all of my observations on its corresponding residents. Much like info graphics these  illustrations are no more than a visual shorthand intended to communicate found information as simply, and humorously, as possible. Enjoy this first post!

— by Monica Yael Garcia

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  • http://paper-nautilus.com/ Chelsea

    Haha, this is great! I’ll definitely be checking out future installments. :)

    • Amanda

      cool, thanks for the support! :D

  • http://racheltepper.com Rachel

    This is a great way to show the diversity of Houston residents and its really fun too!

    Will you be printing any posters?

    • Amanda

      Good question! We’ll have to ask the artist, Monica Yael Garcia, if she will be offering these as prints.