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Spotlight On: Shelter Sketches

contributed by Cacodaemonia

What’s more awesome than helping animals with art? Nothing! Well, okay. Maybe world peace or an infinite supply of clean energy. But other than those things, this is definitely the most awesome!

I’ve been collaborating with the I Love Rescue Animals Blog on a project called Shelter Sketches. We feature one pet in need of a home each week. Our goal is to help that animal find a forever home, as well as raise awareness about homeless animals in need.

Here are some of the furballs who have been featured (the first three are by me):




Max by Mikaela

Eeyore by Rhionna

Francesca by Emma

Storm by Nikki

Dudley, a lucky pup who was adopted after Gaelle drew
the sketch but before it could even be posted on ILRA!

Here’s the rest of the Shelter Sketches Gallery, if you’d like to see the other critters. Contact me or Nikki if you would like to help out, or if you have a pet you’d like us to feature!

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