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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!! …from the past?

Fantastic Story Magazine was a 1950-55 science fiction pulp magazine, featuring short stories and incredible cover art. The masthead, name, and design concepts may have changed over the years of its 23 issues, but one thing remained the same: Babes in Bikinis…in space. Or at least, that’s what illustrator Earle K. Bergey published for his issues. We have Bergey’s designs of daring space ladies’ apparel to thank for the inspiration for Princess Leia’s slave-girl costume.

In addition to Star Wars paying homage to this publication, one issue (Fall 1954) was prominently displayed as a prop in our site’s theme movie, Back to the Future.

Check out these other covers of Fantastic Story Magazine, and be wowed by the visions of the future…from the past.

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