1.21 Gigawatts of Awesome

0-20,000 Subscribers in Hours: Power to the Internet!

The internet can be a cruel place (especially on high traffic forums) but on occasion, these communities band together to bring happiness to people. The latest on this growing list of paying it forward is “stanleyrr” on YouTube.

Before the power of the internet took hold of this distinguished gentleman’s YouTube page, his staggering 170 videos only had about 20 views each. Once news of this spread on sites such as 4chan and reddit, his page views, subscribers, likes, and comments shot up exponentially. And it’s not out of pity or just to make someone’s day: the gentleman is genuinely interesting and deserves to be shared.┬áHe enjoys movies, makes reviews, has opinions about politics, and translates it all into something that is easy and entertaining to watch.

Do your part to make someone’s day!

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