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So, say you’re Bob From Marketing. You’ve already received your promotion for creating one of the most successful commercial campaigns of your career, but you just have to out-do yourself. What do you do?

That’s right. I’m talking about @OldSpice. If you’re a twitterbug (I just made that term up. One nickel to my paypal account every time you use it. Thanks.) you’ve already figured out what Bob did. Here are the ingredients for his amazing commercial-sauce.

  • Build a fake bathroom and hope no one confuses it with a real one
  • Hire Isaiah Mustafa for an entire day several days (Apparently this thing is still going! Say goodbye to your productivity.)
  • Get your creative team to just chill and write down random things
  • Scope out Twitter and YouTube for comments
  • Have a video-editing robot
  • Have a GIANT box somewhere with just tons and tons of props

Phase 1: Spend all day coming up with ridiculous things to say in response. Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit.

The Old Spice twitter account went from only a few thousand followers to about 32,000+ in a 20-hour span of time.

I’ve watched every single response (that I clicked on) and here are my top 7. Why 7, you ask? I had 900. I trimmed it down. Watching these, assuming you don’t get the 502 server error fromYouTube.

Isaiah Mustafa talks to himself.

y*2-(the universe)(microwaves) * (white bloodcells)/√romantic feelings + (∂black holes = MNA) + (N = N0 (½)n) == “Thank you”

Try stuffing a steak into a celery stalk

When robots converse:

Underwater Brand Manager

I seriously want a machine-gun/butterknife

My personal favorite:

The end result of all this is that I, in a manly non-bro-rape way, would love to have a drink with Isaiah Mustafa, Craig Allen and Eric Kallman.

If you’re looking for more information than you can handle about this whole thing: http://creativity-online.com/work/old-spice-isaiah-mustafa-does-social-media/20622

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  • http://thinkingthroughmaking.com monicayael

    The response to “adventuregirl” is pretty awesome, but the “Try stuffing a steak into a celery stalk” is just hilarious–win.

  • http://paper-nautilus.com/ Chelsea

    Hahaha, I think I like the robot one the best!