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Miller Starlight Movie Night – July 1 & 2

We were just going to post one film to see for free this weekend, but the Miller Outdoor Theatre decided to be doubly awesome and show two science fiction films, two nights in a row. Tonight, watch the Forbidden Planet, one of the most classic science fiction movies of all time. On Friday, check out some NASA exhibits and then the heroic film, Apollo 13.

July 1, 2010

Miller Outdoor Theatre and Rice University present Miller Starlight Movie Night: Forbidden Planet. See the 1956 science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” which introduced Robby the Robot and inspired Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and countless space explorers of the past and present.

July 2, 2010
NASA exhibits: 6pm-8pm
Film: 8:30pm

Miller Outdoor Theatre, the NASA Johnson Space Center, and Rice University present Miller Starlight Movie Night: Apollo 13. View free NASA exhibits on the history and future of human space flight and touch a moon rock (6-8 p.m.) then at 8:30, see “Apollo 13,” the inspiring true story of the women and men of NASA mission control whose heard “Houston, we have a problem,” and replied, “Failure is not an option.” (1995, rated PG).

Miller Outdoor Theatre
6000 Hermann Park Drive
Houston, TX 77030

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