1.21 Gigawatts of Awesome

Zombie Preparedness Center

“Always be prepared,” is the Boy Scouts of America motto. Well, over in Lenexa, Kansas, the good people of Westlake Ace Hardware have taken being prepared to an entirely different level: protection from and for the undead — more specifically, Zombies. Not only can you find out how to protect your own from potential zombie attacks, but if you are one of the undead, then you will find this store helpful as well. Limb repair? Duct Tape, Caulk, Sealant — Check. Not smelling so fresh after becoming a zombie? They’ve got cleaners for that. Did a zombie fall through your drywall and you need to repair it? They can help with that too.



Stock up on supplies, bolt your doors, and arm yourself. Whether you are preparing for the upcoming apocalypse or if you are a supporter of the end of times, you will find what you need at Westlake Ace Hardware.

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